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      The Kinks

      Album: Preservation Act

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      The Kinks - Cricket Música y Letra

      [Sung by The Vicar]
      Some people say that life is a game, well if this is so
      I'd like to know the rules on which this game of life is based.
      I know of no game more fitting than the age old game of cricket
      It has honour, it has character and it's British.
      Now God laid down the rules of life when he wrote those Ten Commandments
      And to cricket those ten same rules shall apply.
      Show compassion and self-righteousness and be honest above all
      And come to God's call with bat and ball.
      Now the Devil has a player and he's called the Demon Bowler,
      He's shrewd, he's rude and he's wicked.
      He is sent by Sinful Satan and he's out to take your wicket
      And you know that that's not cricket.
      He'll baffle you with googlies with leg breaks and offspin
      But keep a level head and don't let that demon in.
      So keep a straight bat at all times, let the Bible be your guide
      And you'll get by, yes you'll get by.
      All through your life he'll try to bowl you out
      Beware the Demon bowler.
      He's crafty and deceitful and he'll try to L.B.W.,
      And bowl a maiden over.
      The Devil takes the weak in spirit and so we must always be courageous
      And remember that God is on your side.
      So keep old Satan in your sights and play the straight and narrow line
      And you'll get by, yes you'll get by.

      The Kinks - Cricket Música y Letra




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