Mis Listas de Música
      1. Lullaby Album Disintergration

      2. The End Of The World Album The Cure

      3. Just Like Heaven Album Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

      4. Pictures Of You Album Disintergration

      5. Boys Don't Cry Album Staring At The Sea

      6. Friday I'm in Love Album Wish

      7. Maybe Someday Album Bloodflowers

      8. Siamese Twins Album Pornography

      9. Just Like Heaven (Unplugged) Album Unplugged

      10. Close To Me Album The Head On The Door

      11. The Last Day Of Summer Album Bloodflowers

      12. Love Song Album Disintergration

      13. In Between Days Album The Head On The Door

      14. Killing An Arab Album Staring At The Sea

      15. Bird Mad Girl Album The Top

      16. The Hungry Ghost Album 4.13 Dream

      17. So What Album Three Imaginary Boys

      18. Icing Sugar Album Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

      19. Charlotte Sometimes Album Staring At The Sea

      20. Prayers For Rain Album Disintergration

      21. Give Me It Album The Top

      22. The 13th Album Wild Mood Swings

      23. The Same Deep Water As You Album Disintergration

      24. Want Album Wild Mood Swings

      25. Pornography Album Pornography

      26. Piggy In The Mirror Album The Top

      27. Mint Car Album Wild Mood Swings

      28. 10:15 Saturday Night Album Staring At The Sea

      29. Shake Dog Shake Album The Top

      30. Bloodflowers Album Bloodflowers

      31. Where The Birds Always Sing Album Bloodflowers

      32. Taking Off Album The Cure

      33. A Short Term Effect Album Pornography

      34. Grinding Halt Album Three Imaginary Boys

      35. One Hundred Years Album Pornography

      36. Wendy Time Album Wish

      37. Doubt Album Faith

      38. Push Album The Head On The Door

      39. Subway Song Album Three Imaginary Boys

      40. There Is No If Album Bloodflowers

      41. The Reasons Why Album 4.13 Dream

      42. The Perfect Girl Album Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

      43. The Empty World Album The Top

      44. All Cats Are Grey Album Faith

      45. It's Over Album 4.13 Dream

      46. Switch Album 4.13 Dream

      47. Hot Hot Hot!!! Album Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

      48. A Letter To Elise Album Wish

      49. The Only One Album 4.13 Dream

      50. Watching Me Fall Album Bloodflowers

      51. The Holy Hour Album Faith

      52. Foxy Lady Album Three Imaginary Boys

      53. Return Album Wild Mood Swings

      54. In Between Days Album Staring At The Sea

      55. Apart Album Wish

      56. Screw Album The Head On The Door

      57. The Funeral Party Album Faith

      58. Strange Attraction Album Wild Mood Swings

      59. Fascination Street Album Disintergration

      60. Meathook Album Three Imaginary Boys

      61. Trust Album Wish

      62. To Wish Impossible Things Album Wish

      63. One More Time Album Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

      64. Closedown Album Disintergration

      65. Doing The Unstuck Album Wish

      66. Faith Album Faith

      67. Primary Album Staring At The Sea

      68. Untitled Album Disintergration

      69. The Promise Album The Cure

      70. Before Three Album The Cure

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