Mis Listas de Música
      1. Schizophrenia Album Sister

      2. Kool Thing Album Goo

      3. Dirty Boots Album Goo

      4. Teenage Riot Album Daydream Nation

      5. Silver Rocket Album Daydream Nation

      6. 100% Album Dirty

      7. Nic Fit Album Dirty

      8. Wish Fulfillment Album Dirty

      9. My Friend Goo (8 Track Demo) Album Goo

      10. Kissability (Live Daydream) Album Daydream Nation

      11. Candle (Live Daydream) Album Daydream Nation

      12. Bubblegum Album EVOL

      13. Genetic Album Dirty

      14. Junkie's Promise Album Washing Machine

      15. Reena Album Rather Ripped

      16. Personality Crisis Album Whores Moaning

      17. Sugar Kane Album Whores Moaning

      18. Calming The Snake Album The Eternal

      19. Karen Revisited Album Murry Street

      20. Confusion Is Next Album Confusion Is Sex + Kill Yr. Idols

      21. Touch Me I'm Sick (Cover Songs) Album Daydream Nation

      22. Tuff Titty Rap Album The Whitey Album (as Ciccone Youth)

      23. Karen Koltrane Album A Thousand Leaves

      24. Anti-Orgasm Album The Eternal

      25. What a Waste Album Rather Ripped

      26. Panty Lies Album Washing Machine

      27. Inhuman Album Confusion Is Sex + Kill Yr. Idols

      28. The Diamond Sea Album Washing Machine

      29. Rain On Tin Album Murry Street

      30. Shaking Hell (Live) Album Confusion Is Sex + Kill Yr. Idols

      31. Trilogy- Z) Eliminator Jr. Album Daydream Nation

      32. Master Dick Album Sister

      33. That's All I Know (Right Now) Album Goo

      34. Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style Album Murry Street

      35. In The Mind Of The Bourgeois Reader Album Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star

      36. Children Of Satan - Third Fig Album The Whitey Album (as Ciccone Youth)

      37. Me And Jill - Hendrix Cosby Album The Whitey Album (as Ciccone Youth)

      38. The Sprawl (Live Daydream) Album Daydream Nation

      39. Female Mechanic Now On Duty Album A Thousand Leaves

      40. Sacred Trickster Album The Eternal

      41. Within You Without You (Cover Songs) Album Daydream Nation

      42. Skip Tracer Album Washing Machine

      43. IV Album In the Fishtank 9 (Composers Pool & The Ex)

      44. Rain King (Live Daydream) Album Daydream Nation

      45. Swimsuit Issue Album Dirty

      46. Thunderclap For Bobby Pyn Album The Eternal

      47. Electricity (Cover Songs) Album Daydream Nation

      48. Providence (Live Daydream) Album Daydream Nation

      49. Freezer Burn - I Wanna Be Your Dog. Album Confusion Is Sex + Kill Yr. Idols

      50. Mote Album Goo

      51. Two Cool Rock Chicks Listening to Neu Album The Whitey Album (as Ciccone Youth)

      52. Into The Groovey Album The Whitey Album (as Ciccone Youth)

      53. Lee Is Free Album Confusion Is Sex + Kill Yr. Idols

      54. Cinderella's Big Score Album Goo

      55. Loud And Soft (Live 2-1 - 1981) Album Sonic Youth

      56. Hey Joni Album Daydream Nation

      57. Hyperstation (Live Daydream) Album Daydream Nation

      58. The Ineffable Me Album A Thousand Leaves

      59. Tunic (Song For Karen) Album Goo

      60. Trilogy- B) Hyperstation Album Daydream Nation

      61. Leaky Lifeboat (For Gregory Corso) Album The Eternal

      62. Unwind Album Washing Machine

      63. Silver Rocket (Live Daydream) Album Daydream Nation

      64. White Kross Album Sister

      65. Stones Album Sonic Nurse

      66. Total Trash (Live Daydream) Album Daydream Nation

      67. Trilogy- A) The Wonder Album Daydream Nation

      68. Scooter And Jinx Album Goo

      69. Dude Ranch Nurse Album Sonic Nurse

      70. The Sprawl Album Daydream Nation

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