Mis Listas de Música
      1. Bed of roses Album Keep The Faith

      2. Back Door Santa Album Ultra Rare Tracks

      3. You Give Love A Bad Name (Live) Album Unplugged

      4. Limitless Album 2020

      5. Unbroken Album 2020

      6. Beautiful Drug Album 2020

      7. Bed Of Roses (Live) Album Unplugged

      8. Livin' on a Prayer Album Slippery When Wet

      9. It's my life Album Crush

      10. Thank you for loving me Album Crush

      11. Blood On Blood Album New Jersey

      12. In These Arms Album Keep The Faith

      13. Dirty Little Secret Album Have A Nice Day

      14. Keep The Faith Album Inside Out

      15. This aint a love song Album These Days

      16. Misunderstood Album Bounce

      17. Como Yo Nadie Te Ha Amado Album These Days

      18. Never Say Goodbye Album Cross Road

      19. I'll Be There For You Album Cross Road

      20. No Regrets Album Bounce

      21. Naked Album Destination Anywhere

      22. Burning For Love Album Bon Jovi

      23. Staring At Your Window With A Suitcase In My Hand Album Destination Anywhere

      24. Love me back to life Album Bounce

      25. I Want You Album Keep The Faith

      26. Shot throught the heart Album Bon Jovi

      27. Something for the pain Album These Days

      28. She Don't know me Album Bon Jovi

      29. Hey God Album These Days

      30. How Long This Been Going On Album Ultra Rare Tracks

      31. Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore (feat. Leann Rimes) Album Lost Highway

      32. Undivided Album Bounce

      33. Starting All Over Again Album Ultra Rare Tracks

      34. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night Album Cross Road

      35. I've Bee Working So Hard Album Ultra Rare Tracks

      36. You Give Love A Bad Name (Live) Album New Jersey

      37. Bad Medicine Album Cross Road

      38. Postcards From The Wasteland Album Bounce

      39. Seven Days Album Ultra Rare Tracks

      40. Wild In The Streets Album Slippery When Wet

      41. Every Word Was A Piece Of My Heart Album Destination Anywhere

      42. Good Guys Don't Always Wear White Album Ultra Rare Tracks

      43. You give love a bad name Album Slippery When Wet

      44. Ill Be There For You Album New Jersey

      45. Just older Album Crush

      46. Save The World Album Crush

      47. Room At The End Of The World Album What About Now

      48. Woman In Love Album Keep The Faith

      49. August 7, 415 Album Destination Anywhere

      50. Born To Be My Baby (Acoustic) Album Ultra Rare Tracks

      51. Cold Hard Heart Album Destination Anywhere

      52. Have A Nice Day Album Inside Out

      53. Breakout Album Bon Jovi

      54. Come Back Album Bon Jovi

      55. Levon Album Ultra Rare Tracks

      56. Bells of Freedom Album Have A Nice Day

      57. Bed Of Roses Album Cross Road

      58. Who Says You Can't Go Home (Duet with Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland) Album Have A Nice Day

      59. Never say goodbye Album Slippery When Wet

      60. Everyday Album Bounce

      61. These days Album These Days

      62. Bad medicine Album New Jersey

      63. Born to be my baby Album New Jersey

      64. Lie to me Album These Days

      65. Runaway Album Bon Jovi

      66. In and out of love Album 7800° Fahrenheit

      67. Next 100 Years Album Crush

      68. I Believe Album Keep The Faith

      69. Two Story Town Album Crush

      70. One Wild Night Album Crush

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