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      Blind Melon

      Album: For My Friends

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      Blind Melon - Hypnotized Música y Letra

      What would you do if I told you 
      You wouldn't have to worry anymore 
      Throw all your scars in the ocean. 
      Sink to the floor and disappear forever
      Dreaming that's got me by this far 
      Without it I'd be lost in the wind 
      Some days I can't get out of my own bed 
      Others I play along instead
      It's been a long time since I forgot about all my crimes 
      Walk away from all that drags me down 
      Soon I think I'll get hypnotized 
      And start a new life
      No long delays, don't hesitate, no complicated scenarios 
      Let's get right on down to the point 
      Don't hold me down, right to the ground, let's get unwound and lose that frown 
      So much more than we live for 
      You got fast forward through all of the bullshit times 
      You got to clear out the dust for room to breathe
      Stay away from all negativity 
      That'll bring you down
      Don't let the good sink in to deep in your soul 
      You've got to get outside 
      It's never too late to make a change in your life 
      And to feel alright
      You've got to get rid of the old 
      And bring the new right on in 
      Don't pretend 
      Oh give in 
      And just get it done

      Blind Melon - Hypnotized Música y Letra



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