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      Normal Person

      Normal Person

      Arcade Fire

      Album: Reflektor

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      Arcade Fire - Normal Person Música y Letra

      Is anything as strange as a normal person?
      Is anyone as cruel as a normal person?
      Waiting after school, you want to know if you're normal too
      Well, are you?
      I'm so confused, am I a normal person?
      You know, I can't tell if I'm a normal person, it's true
      I think I'm cool enough, but am I cruel enough...
      Am I cruel enough... for you?
      Break it down until everything is normal now
      I know
      Take their tea at two, all the normal people, they do
      They burned the jungle down, while you were sleeping it grew
      You dream in English now, in proper English
      Look how you're just the same as me
      It's through!
      If that's what's normal now, I don't want to know!
      Mama, don't make me go!
      When they get excited they try to hide it (...No!)
      Look at those normals go!
      If that's what's normal now, I don't want to know
      If that's what's normal now...
      Maybe if you have together, you can make the changes in our hearts
      And if you hang together, you can change us, just where should you start?
      I've never really ever met a normal person (...like you)
      How do you do?

      Arcade Fire - Normal Person Música y Letra



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