Mis Listas de Música
      1. 'Cause I'm A Man Album Currents

      2. Let It Happen Album Currents

      3. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards Album Lonerism

      4. Led Zeppelin (Bonus Track) Album Lonerism

      5. Half Full Glass Of Wine Album Tame Impala EP

      6. I Don't Really Mind Album Innerspeaker

      7. Apocalypse Dreams Album Lonerism

      8. 41 Mojitos (Canyons Poolside Dub) Album Innerspeaker

      9. Endors Toi Album Lonerism

      10. Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control Album Lonerism

      11. Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind Album Innerspeaker

      12. Elephant (Canyons Wooly Mammoth Extension) Album Lonerism

      13. Canyons Sunrise Reprise Album Innerspeaker

      14. Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind (Erol Alkan Rework) Album Innerspeaker

      15. Jeremy's Storm Album Innerspeaker

      16. Expectation Album Innerspeaker

      17. Skeleton Tiger (Retamed By Canyons Mix) Album Tame Impala [H.I.T.S. 003]

      18. Solitude Is Bliss (Mickey Moonlight T.A.M Remix) Album Innerspeaker

      19. Desire Be Desire Go Album Innerspeaker

      20. Keep On Lying Album Lonerism

      21. Lucidity (Pilooski Remix) Album Innerspeaker

      22. Elephant (Todd Rundgren Remix) Album Lonerism

      23. The Sun (Fred Cherry Eclipse Mix) Album Tame Impala [H.I.T.S. 003]

      24. Lucidity Album Innerspeaker

      25. Skeleton Tiger Album Tame Impala EP

      26. H.F.G.W. (Canyons Drunken Rage) Album Tame Impala [H.I.T.S. 003]

      27. Wander Album Tame Impala EP

      28. Why Won't They Talk To Me Album Lonerism

      29. Apocalypse Dreams (Live) Album Lonerism

      30. It's Not Meant To Be Album Innerspeaker

      31. Music To Walk Home By Album Lonerism

      32. Solitude Is Bliss Album Innerspeaker

      33. Forty One Mosquitoes Flying In Formation Album Tame Impala EP

      34. Slide Through My Fingers Album Tame Impala EP

      35. Sun's Coming Up Album Lonerism

      36. Sundown Syndrome Album Innerspeaker

      37. Alter Ego Album Innerspeaker

      38. Hall Full Glass Of Wine Album Innerspeaker

      39. Wander Album Innerspeaker

      40. The Bold Arrow Of Time Album Innerspeaker

      41. She Just Won't Believe Me Album Lonerism

      42. Elephant Album Lonerism

      43. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (Live) Album Lonerism

      44. Desire Be, Desire Go Album Tame Impala EP

      45. Runaway, Houses, City, Clouds Album Innerspeaker

      46. Eventually Album Currents

      47. Past Life Album Currents

      48. Yes I’m Changing Album Currents

      49. Mind Mischief Album Lonerism

      50. New Person, Same Old Mistakes Album Currents

      51. Island Walking Album Innerspeaker

      52. Love Paranoia Album Currents

      53. Gossip Album Currents

      54. Disciples Album Currents

      55. Nangs Album Currents

      56. Be Above It Album Lonerism

      57. Elephant (Live) Album Lonerism

      58. The Moment Album Currents

      59. Remember Me Album Innerspeaker

      60. Reality In Motion Album Currents

      61. The Less I Know The Better Album Currents

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