Mis Listas de Música
      1. Blue Moon Album Morning Phase

      2. In a Cold Ass Fashion (Jabberjaw compilation) Album B Side Collection

      3. Pink Noise (Rock Me Amadeus) Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      4. Que Onda Guero Album Guero

      5. Farewell Ride Album Guero

      6. Debra Album Midnite Vultures

      7. Super Golden Black Sunchild Album Golden Feelings

      8. Brother Album Jack Ass

      9. 1000 BPM Album The Information

      10. O Maria Album Mutations

      11. Novacane Album Odelay

      12. Loser Album Mellow Gold

      13. Soul Suckin Jerk Album Mellow Gold

      14. Lord Only Knows Album Odelay

      15. Nausea Album The Information

      16. Lord Only Knows (Live) Album Europe

      17. The New Pollution Album Odelay

      18. Burro (Jackass B-Side) Album B Side Collection

      19. Nobody's Fault But My Own Album Mutations

      20. Lost Cause Album Sea Change

      21. 8.4.82 Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      22. Mixed Bizness Album Midnite Vultures

      23. High 5 (Rock the Catskills) Album Odelay

      24. Nicotine & Gravy Album Midnite Vultures

      25. Rowboat Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      26. Truckdrivin Neighbors Downstairs (Yellow Sweat) Album Mellow Gold

      27. One Foot In The Grave Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      28. Painted Eyelids Album One Foot In The Grave

      29. Nitemare Hippy Girl Album Mellow Gold

      30. Guess I'm Doing Fine Album Sea Change

      31. Hotwax Album Odelay

      32. Mutherfukka Album Golden Feelings

      33. Pay No Mind (Snoozer) Album Mellow Gold

      34. Asshole Album One Foot In The Grave

      35. Hidden Track Album Midnite Vultures

      36. Aphid Manure Heist Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      37. Soldier Jane Album The Information

      38. Burnt Orange Peel Album One Foot In The Grave

      39. Beautiful Way Album Midnite Vultures

      40. Where It's At Album Odelay

      41. Broken Train Album Midnite Vultures

      42. Movie Theme Album The Information

      43. Bottle Of Blues Album Mutations

      44. Modern Guilt Album Modern Guilt

      45. The Information Album The Information

      46. Total Soul Future (Eat It) Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      47. Blackhole Album Mellow Gold

      48. Modesto Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      49. Lazy Flies Album Mutations

      50. Will I Be Ignored by the Lord Album Golden Feelings

      51. Side Of The Road Album Sea Change

      52. Waitin' For A Train Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      53. Strange Invitation Album Jack Ass

      54. Outcome Album One Foot In The Grave

      55. Derelict Album Odelay

      56. Thunder Peel Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      57. Fuckin With My Head Album Mellow Gold

      58. Paper Tiger Album Sea Change

      59. Bad Energy Album Golden Feelings

      60. Minus Album Odelay

      61. Cyanide Breath Mint Album One Foot In The Grave

      62. I Wanna Get With You (And Your Sister Debrah) (Live) Album Europe

      63. Alcohol (Loser b-side) Album B Side Collection

      64. Devil's Haircut (Sessions) Album Live At 54th

      65. Sing It Again Album Mutations

      66. Cellphone's Dead Album The Information

      67. Magic Stationwagon Album Golden Feelings

      68. Ozzy Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      69. Scarecrow Album Guero

      70. 11.6.45 Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      71. All In Your Mind Album Sea Change

      72. Broken Drum Album Guero

      73. Nothing I Haven't Seen Album Sea Change

      74. Go It Alone Album Guero

      75. Bogus Soul Album Golden Feelings

      76. I Wanna Get With You (Sessions) Album Live At 54th

      77. Devil's Haircut Album Odelay

      78. Jack-ass (Sessions) Album Live At 54th

      79. Where It's At (Remix) Album B Side Collection

      80. Hollow Log Album One Foot In The Grave

      81. Atmospheric Conditions Album One Foot In The Grave

      82. Schmoozer Album Golden Feelings

      83. Crystal Clear (Beer) Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      84. The Spirit Moves Me Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      85. Already Dead Album Sea Change

      86. Mutherfucker (Live) Album Europe

      87. Soul Of A Man Album Modern Guilt

      88. Girl Dreams Album One Foot In The Grave

      89. Cancelled Check Album Mutations

      90. Replica Album Modern Guilt

      91. Devil's Haircut (Live) Album Europe

      92. He's a Mighty Good Leader Album One Foot In The Grave

      93. Walls Album Modern Guilt

      94. Corvette Bummer (Loser B-side) Album B Side Collection

      95. Gettin' Home Album Golden Feelings

      96. Tasergun Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      97. Strange Apparition Album The Information

      98. Trouble All My Days Album Golden Feelings

      99. Lonesome Tears Album Sea Change

      100. Sweet Sunshine Album Mellow Gold

      101. Sleeping Bag Album One Foot In The Grave

      102. Ramshackle Album Odelay

      103. I've Seen the Land Beyond Album One Foot In The Grave

      104. The Horrible Fanfare - Landslide - Exoskeleton Album The Information

      105. Whiskeycyclone, Hotel City 1997 Album Mellow Gold

      106. New Round Album The Information

      107. Profanity Prayers Album Modern Guilt

      108. Burro Album Jack Ass

      109. Butch Vig Mix Album Jack Ass

      110. Gamma Ray Album Modern Guilt

      111. Heartland Feelings Album Golden Feelings

      112. Satan Gave Me A Taco Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      113. Feelings Album Golden Feelings

      114. Where It's At (Live) Album Europe

      115. Satan Gave Me a Taco (Stereopathic Soul Manure) Album B Side Collection

      116. Youthless Album Modern Guilt

      117. Jack-ass Album Odelay

      118. Chemtrails Album Modern Guilt

      119. Round The Bend Album Sea Change

      120. Pressure Zone Album Midnite Vultures

      121. Dead Melodies Album Mutations

      122. Pay No Mind (Live) Album Europe

      123. Hollywood Freaks Album Midnite Vultures

      124. No Money No Honey Album Golden Feelings

      125. Soul Suckin' Jerk (Loser b-side) Album B Side Collection

      126. Volcano Album Modern Guilt

      127. We Live Again Album Mutations

      128. The Fucked Up Blues Album Golden Feelings

      129. People Gettin' Busy Album Golden Feelings

      130. Missing Album Guero

      131. Soul Sucked Dry Album Golden Feelings

      132. Special People Album Golden Feelings

      133. Readymade Album Odelay

      134. Rental Car Album Guero

      135. Mutherfucker Album Mellow Gold

      136. Today Has Been A Fucked Up Day Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      137. Dark Star Album The Information

      138. Cut 1-2 Blues Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      139. I Get Lonesome Album One Foot In The Grave

      140. Eleavator Music Album The Information

      141. Peaches & Cream Album Midnite Vultures

      142. Orphans Album Modern Guilt

      143. Get Real Paid Album Midnite Vultures

      144. Sexx Laws Album Midnite Vultures

      145. Totally Confused Album Golden Feelings

      146. Jagermeister Pie Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      147. Runners Dial Zero Album Mutations

      148. Sunday Sun Album Sea Change

      149. MTV Makes Me Want To Smoke Crack (Loser) Album B Side Collection

      150. Dead Wild Cat Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      151. Ziplock Bag Album One Foot In The Grave

      152. Motorcade Album The Information

      153. Tropicalia Album Mutations

      154. The Little Drum Machine Boy (Just Say Noel Compilation) Album B Side Collection

      155. Fourteen Rivers, Fourteen Floo Album One Foot In The Grave

      156. Diskobox Album Odelay

      157. Milk And Honey Album Midnite Vultures

      158. Clock (Devil's Haircut B-Side) Album B Side Collection

      159. Cold Brains Album Mutations

      160. No Complaints Album The Information

      161. Devil Got My Woman Album Jack Ass

      162. Loser (Live) Album Europe

      163. We Dance Alone Album The Information

      164. See Water Album One Foot In The Grave

      165. Forcefield Album One Foot In The Grave

      166. Novacane (Live) Album Europe

      167. Little One Album Sea Change

      168. Minus (Live) Album Europe

      169. 8.6.82 Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      170. Lowridermix Album Jack Ass

      171. Puttin It Down Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      172. Rollins Power Sauce Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      173. Don't Let It Go Album Morning Phase

      174. I Think I'm in Love Album The Information

      175. Steal My Body Home Album Mellow Gold

      176. Waking Light Album Morning Phase

      177. Turn Away Album Morning Phase

      178. No Money No Honey Album Stereopathetic Soul Manure

      179. Cycle Album Morning Phase

      180. Country Down Album Morning Phase

      181. Beercan (Live) Album Europe

      182. Where It's At (Sessions) Album Live At 54th

      183. Sissyneck Album Odelay

      184. Say Goodbye Album Morning Phase

      185. Beercan Album Mellow Gold

      186. Blackbird Chain Album Morning Phase

      187. Wave Album Morning Phase

      188. Intro (Sessions) Album Live At 54th

      189. Unforgiven Album Morning Phase

      190. Heart Is A Drum Album Morning Phase

      191. The Golden Age Album Sea Change

      192. Static Album Mutations

      193. Feather In Your Cap Album Stray Blues

      194. Wow Album Wow

      195. Phase Album Morning Phase

      196. Lampshade Album A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight (EP)

      197. Hell Yes Album Guero

      198. Feel Like A Piece Of Shit (Mind Control) Album A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight (EP)

      199. Bad Cartridge (E-Pro) Album Hell Yes (EP)

      200. Feel Like A Piece Of Shit (Cheetos Time!) Album A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight (EP)

      201. Bit Rate Variations In B-Flat (Girl) Album Hell Yes (EP)

      202. Send A Message To Her Album Guero

      203. Girl Album Guero

      204. Totally Confused Album A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight (EP)

      205. Blackfire Choked Our Death Album A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight (EP)

      206. Earthquake Weather Album Guero

      207. Totally Confused Album Stray Blues

      208. Rental Car Album Guerolito

      209. Burro Album Stray Blues

      210. Black Tambourine Album Guero

      211. Feel Like A Piece Of Shit (Crossover Potential) Album A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight (EP)

      212. Heaven Hammer (Missing) Album Guerolito

      213. She Is All (Gimme Something To Eat) Album A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight (EP)

      214. Clock Album Stray Blues

      215. Emergency Exit Album Guero

      216. Dreams Album Dreams

      217. Clap Hands Album Guerolito

      218. Chain Reaction Album Guero

      219. Halo Of Gold Album Stray Blues

      220. Mayonaise Salad Album A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight (EP)

      221. Scarecrow Album Guerolito

      222. Electric Music And The Summer People Album Stray Blues

      223. Ghettochip Malfunction (Hell Yes) Album Guerolito

      224. Shake Shake Tambourine (Black Tambourine) Album Guerolito

      225. Gameboy-Homeboy (Qué Onda Guero) Album Hell Yes (EP)

      226. Terremoto Tempto (Earthquake Weather) Album Guerolito

      227. Ghost Range (E-Pro) Album Guerolito

      228. Farewell Ride Album Guerolito

      229. Lemonade Album Stray Blues

      230. Ghettochip Malfunction (Hell Yes) Album Hell Yes (EP)

      231. Brother Album Stray Blues

      232. Girl Album Guerolito

      233. Emergency Exit Album Guerolito

      234. Styrofoam Chicken (Quality Time) Album A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight (EP)

      235. Fax Machine Anthem (Dizzee Rascal Remix) Album Guerolito

      236. Broken Drum Album Guerolito

      237. Wish Coin (Go It Alone) Album Guerolito

      238. Que Onda Guero Album Guerolito

      239. Pinefresh Album A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight (EP)

      240. E-Pro Album Guero

      241. Mango (Vader Rocks!) Album A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight (EP)

      242. Morning Album Morning Phase

      243. Gettin' Home Album A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight (EP)

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